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Case Studies Date: 10 Aug 2010
IndigoEdge paves the way for a German parts manufacturer to set up a unit in India
The Client
A large German manufacturing company making standard parts for the tool and die industry, with a presence in India through their Pune-based distributor.
Our Brief
To assess the feasibility of entering the Indian market
The Business Objective
The client wanted to set up a manufacturing and export unit in India based on the greater availability of technically skilled manpower, significantly lower costs, mature manufacturing processes, a booming domestic market, and export-friendly financial reforms.
IE Solution
After examining the current set up and business model, we
Conducted a total of 350 interviews, to determine market dynamics and demand.
Analyzed the tool & die and machine tools industries in depth
Consulted industry experts for advice and insights
Identified six target industry segments and conducted a primary research exercise in those segments
Determine the total available market for the product, the buying behaviour of various customer segments, price sensitivity, and competition
Develop a marketing strategy
The Result
The client gained an in-depth understanding of the domestic market for standard parts in India. We went beyond the scope of engagement to include analysis of brand awareness, price sensitivity, product specifications desired, supplier selection methodologies, and the decision making process in different types of companies.
Our large-sample primary research data helped the client overcome the lack of accurate secondary data on the total market size for his products with sector-wise demand estimates and projected demand for the product.
The company decided to set up a manufacturing facility in Pune in partnership with its Indian distributor, as per the market entry strategy we recommended.
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