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Case Studies Date: 10 Aug 2010
IndigoEdge helps a U.S.-based IT services company exploit the opportunities generated by changed market conditions
The Client
A U.S.-based, mid-sized IT services company focused on the U.S. healthcare industry, with an offshore delivery centre in Bangalore.
Our Brief
To provide strategic research, advisory and decision making support in the areas of marketing and sales, finance and inorganic growth strategy.
The Business Objective
The client wanted to gear up to take advantage of the new business opportunities generated when the economic stimulus package offered incentives for healthcare companies to implement healthcare IT systems. They also wanted to chart a four-year growth plan.
IE Solution
After examining the current set up and business model, we
A corporate strategy that leveraged the best fit between market opportunities and company strengths
Comprehensive competitive analysis and competitive strategy
A data-backed client pitch that helped the sales and marketing team portray the company’s “healthcare-only” stance and “mid-size vendor” status as an advantage.
A comprehensive MIS to track operational efficiencies, sales team effectiveness and account-wise and segment level performance.
A strategy for inorganic growth that advised finding potential M&A targets in order to exploit growth opportunities in new service areas that synergized with existing business.
A shortlist of potential M&A targets based on a key-criteria list.
The Result
As a result of gaining new insights into the key trends and opportunities in the industry and the competencies required to exploit them, the client has a more thorough understanding of the space
The client has implemented a growth plan that includes taking steps towards building specific delivery competencies.
Ten companies have been identified as potential targets for M&A based on how well they fit with this growth plan.
The sales and marketing team is now able to make compelling, data-backed arguments for potential clients to choose a mid-sized, vertical specialist company over diversified, large Tier-1 IT services firms.
In addition to garnering new business, the company reports elevated confidence and motivation levels amongst the sales and marketing team.
MIS reports enabled management to accurately measure performance and the factors that affect it in great detail.
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