IndigoEdge is a growth partnership company that specializes in meeting the business needs of growth oriented businesses
As your partner in growth, IE aims to nurture your venture in ways that best meet your goals. Our teams invest in understanding your industry and company to ensure that we present the best face of the company.

Whether you are an early stage or a growth stage company, we can help you thrive and flourish. We do not see our engagements as a one-way relationship. We view our growth as being linked to yours – it is a symbiotic relationship that leads to mutual learning and growth.

Mergers & Acquisitions
IE supports companies in inorganic growth or exits through strategic M&A advisory.
Here’s what we offer in M&A:
Targeted scouting for targets
Financial and business expertise
Cross border relationships in SE Asia, Europe and USA
Deep expertise in ensuring smooth due-diligence (technology, business, legal and financial)
Negotiation and closure of transaction
Capital Raise- Growth Stage
IE specializes in supporting growth-stage businesses by helping them access and create the capital required for growth. In this sector, deal sizes begin at
Here’s what we offer growth-stage ventures:
Established relationships with a wide network of Venture Capital and Private Equity Firms
Process know-how that makes it easier to access funds
Financial and business expertise
Targeted outreach to potential investors for best efficiency of process
Transaction structuring and due diligence hand holding
Evaluate term sheets, negotiate and win the best deal
Investor Advisory
IE is a trusted partner to VC/PE firms looking at research backed investments. Our Insight backing gives us an edge in advising them on the best investments in a particular sector.
We assist you in:
Developing the investment theme based on the fund’s objectives
Develop a deep understanding of business metrics in the sector
Interacting and conducting business diligence with the target companies
Assessing the intrinsic value of the target companies and advising you on the right transaction structure
Co-ordinating the term sheet, conducting due diligence, and crafting definitive agreements to close the transaction
Post Transaction Integration
IE actively researches sectors and industry to build a knowledge base which supports its clients. IE strives to be on top of business models, latest trends and investment activity in its chosen sectors.
Here’s what we do:
Analyze factors like competition, market conditions and trends, geography, and customer perception to gauge potential impact and discover possible challenges
Deep analysis of the value chain and key challengese
Develop an exhaustive list of all industry players and analyze performance
In depth review of all transactions in the sector
Outreach to selected businesses to initiate conversations and pick potential winners
Outreach to selected investors in the sector to understand transaction dynamics
Sell Side Advisory
If you’re looking at making a strategic business exit, IE can guide you every step of the way.
IE adds value to the exit process by:
Developing a workable exit strategy based on your exit objectives
Understanding the strategic value drivers for the transaction
Identifying, evaluating, and contacting potential buyers and partners based on the value drivers
Showcasing your company in an appropriate manner depending on the context
Advising you on transaction structure, pricing, transitioning and timing
Our Vision
Our vision is to be a knowledge backed investment bank with deep expertise, relationships and successful transactions in the sectors it serves.

IndigoEdge is known for its integrity in client relationships, expertise of its fellows and is a significant enabler of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.
Our Name
Traditionally, the colour indigo is associated with intuition and perception. It symbolizes the colour of the “third eye”, which bestows the ability to use the mind to see beyond the senses with great powers of perception.
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IndigoEdge now in Paris
IndigoEdge has inked a strategic alliance with P2P Consultants based in Paris, France. Mr. Francois Montrelay, Founder of P2P joins the IE team as a Senior Partner in a reciprocal arrangement.
The two organizations will work together to strengthen cross border transaction capabilities and grow the Indo-European corridor.
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