We give you the EDGE

We optimize the entire process by at least 20 percent across the dimensions of probability,
time-to-closure, investor coverage, investor terms and founder bandwidth.

How do we do it

We actively engage with 200+ instituional investors and leading corporates spanning India, South East Asia, The Middle East, US and China. Our longstanding relationships, deep transaction experience & focused domain knowledge have cemented our position where we have the ear of key decision makers.

With ever diminishing investor attention spans, getting the right story across is critical. We do this for a living. Enough said.

There is that phase in your company’s life cycle when your business momentum, the capital needs of your business and the market sentiment, all converge. You get one chance to get it right and it’s an art that we have mastered.

As companies grow, different stake holders have different objectives and timelines and aligning all stake holders on a deal can become like a referees job. We usually take this burden off the entrepreneur so that he can focus on ‘value creation’.

What sets us apart

The founding team has built IndigoEdge as a start-up,from straight out of business school. Over the past decade our founders have created an environment that fosters a culture like no other investment bank The IndigoEdge team is one of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs who leave no stone unturned in achieving transaction objectives.

We do not charge any upfront fee or retainers. The onus is on us to commit to deals that we believe we will be able to close successfully. We work on a pure success based model with part of the success fee linked to client satisfaction.

Our operating philosophy means that we have the highest deal closure rate in the industry. Add to that, our fair share of unicorns and we have a unique recipe of success.

We keep hearing from the eco system we serve. ‘IndigoEdge is like a growth partner and is different from most investment bankers we have worked with’

Once we initiate a relationship with you, it is ingrained in our ethos to treat your venture like ours. We keep a 24/7 look out for your growth. We catalyze business development, hiring and other functions via contextually relevant introductions from our ever increasing relationship base. We often become the trusted sounding board in what can be a long and lonely journey for an entrepreneur.