Our Vision

Our vision is to be a knowledge backed investment bank with deep expertise, relationships and successful transactions in the sectors it serves.

IndigoEdge is known for its integrity in client relationships, expertise of its fellows and is a significant enabler of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.

The Story Behind IndigoEdge

The color indigo represents “Intuition and Perception”. We didn’t know that when we named ourselves. We just wanted a nice colour and internet domain that was readily available.

However, intuitively we got it right – because that is (I.E.- pun intended), what we do. We use our Perceptive abilities in delivering an Edge to your business.

Down Memory Lane (January 2006, IIM Lucknow)

There was a rumour doing the rounds, of five students who had dropped out of the placement process. These students felt that taking up a high-paying job might place them in a comfort zone too early in life and this would be a difficult cycle to break out of. Those rumours became reality as they took the plunge to embrace “Starting Up” as a religion.

A humble two storey house in the outskirts of Bangalore which doubled up as home and office was the starting point of our entrepreneurial journey. We are a bootstrapped success story constantly seeking to better ourselves every day.

A failed attempt at a medical tourism venture, a few consulting gigs, a couple of co-founders lesser, and we got back to what we were passionate about – “Start-ups and Starting up”.

Our empathy, respect, curiosity and fascination for anyone starting up – meant our desire to be the “Knowledge and Financial” bridge to catalyse business journeys came naturally to us.

It’s been a fascinating journey so far. 50 plus companies and 250 Million USD plus in deal value and we believe we are just getting started.