At IndigoEdge, we believe in challenging our limits.

Pushing limits sometimes requires breaking rules. We do not compromise on certain values.
We are dead serious to a point that we have a list. You can hold us to it!

We share what we know and we learn from everyone. For us learning is like breathing. It keeps us alive.

Gautham Buddha once said, “It is all about doing what is right, rather than being right.”

Constantly stretching ourselves and pushing our limits

We are unbiased in our approach, holistic in our methodology and wholesome while creating value through deal making.


When we embarked on our journey we wanted to be a knowledge and financial bridge for Start Ups. Now we want to synergistically use our knowledge, relationships and capital to nurture global entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Having amassed a decade of knowledge, deals and relationships which are exponentially growing, we are in a unique position to deploy capital across proprietary opportunities. Our track record gives us the confidence that we have a fine nose for great entrepreneurs.

We have been putting put our money where our mouth is and investing in select entrepreneurs in addition to raising capital for them.