Abhishek Pathak

My Story

I have been born and brought up in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh (most people relate it to the movie “Zila Ghaziabad”). I did my schooling from DPS Ghaziabad and pursued Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from IIT Roorkee. A passionate learner by heart and an ambitious guy by mind,I have always believed in the philosophy of self-improvement at every front. Be it personal or professional life, I have tried to put this belief into my actions.
Being interested in the financial world coupled with my love for the start-up ecosystem, I aspire to establish my own Venture Capital fund. I wish to utilize my understanding of businesses and global industries via investing in early-stage start-ups spanning over new-age technology and internet/digital space to sustainable energy/clean technology and social entrepreneurship to mentor and nurture growth-stage startups and keep India at the forefront of the entrepreneurial tide.

How I got into investment banking?

My journey into the world of finance goes right back to when I was in my junior year and Goldman Sachs came for their pre-placement talk and introduced their IB division. I was completely fascinated and intrigued by the very idea of company valuations, IPOs and M&A analysis. I thereafter, did 2 internships in Investment Banking which further strengthened my inclination towards this field and Imade up my mind to pursue this space wherein I can provide strategic financial advisory to businesses and startups.

What keeps me up at night?

I am a great believer of this quote by Jack Welch – “if the rate of change on the outside is greater than the rate of change on the inside, your end is near”. Therefore this idea of continually growing and improving and learning about new things keeps me up at night.

My inspirations-

First is Elon Musk (Founder and CEO, SpaceX and Tesla Motors), because of his truly hardworking nature and never give up attitude. His ideology of working towards betterment of humanity is something that I wish to inculcate in my personality by utilising my knowledge and expertise to work for social development. The second personality who has really influenced my thought process is Masayoshi Son (Founder and CEO, SoftBank). His idea of developing a long term vision and strategy for future has motivated me to chart out a well-defined and structured plan for my future and become a visionary leader.

My focus/interest-

firms that are utilising cutting edge technologies to drive sustainable development and are aiming to create a positive socio-economic impact.

What excites me?

I am almost always captivated by startupsthat are trying to do something completely new and out-of-the-box. I am excited bysuch businesses although they increase the probability of failure so much so that their chances of success gets diminished but they tremendouslyincrease the very consequences of success. I feel we are in dire need of such ideas which can truly create a strong and everlasting impact on this world.

Best piece of advice given to me –

“do not get obsolete in life” this one was given to me during my very first internship at a startup by the founder himself.

My advice to entrepreneurs –

Although I don’t exactly qualify to give an advice to entrepreneurs but would definitely ask them to truly believe in their idea and constantly take feedback from the right set of people. Know that it takes only 1% of the population to radically change this world and one must develop that willingness to fail in order to achieve such enormous success.

What I.E is to me –

Apart from being a successful technology focused Investment Bank, IndigoEdgeistruly entrepreneurial in its culture and has encouraged its people to take up new challenges within the firm. Throughout my first week, I have had such experiences that I simply couldn’t have imagined to gather and they really blew my mind away. The company has really much more to offer in terms of knowledge and exposure than one could ever take up and imparts a steep learning curve to its employees. All of this has been possible because of its smart, selected group of people who not only bring plethora of industry experience but also make this firm a chill and a lively place to work at. So, in short I feel I.E. is my new family here in Bangalore.

Cooling off-

I play badminton, love to socialise, meet up new people and listen to stories and try solving Rubik’s cube in my general interest.