Faheem Pallath

My Story

Grew up in the middle east where I did my entire schooling. Completed my engineering from Mysore University and did my MBA from the University of Birmingham,England.

How I got into investment banking?-

Been in investment banking for the last 4 years (all with Indigo Edge). My first foray into the M&A space was in my previous company where I was COO of Agnice Fire Protection which was taken over by the global giants UTC. While in Agnice I oversaw a workforce of 300 people and took the company from 45 Crores to 180 Crores in 4 years and was an integral part of the sale to UTC and the subsequent post-merger acquisition. I have a cumulative experience of 17 years.

What keeps me up at night?

We have a tendency to equate “jugaad” with innovation. There is a dearth of truly innovative companies in India. Also it’s rare to find entrepreneurs who are genuinely passionate about creating value through their enterprises. The challenge is to find businesses where both criteria are met.

My inspirations

Christopher Hitchens, renowned journalist and author is one of my idols because he was a true iconoclast and fought against totalitarian ideologies in any form.

Richard Dawkins and Carl Sagan for opening my imagination to the beauty of science.

Robert Mueller a decorated marine and prosecutor for his immaculate reputation and his absolute dedication to his craft.

Naval Ravikant for his mix of life philosophy and business advice.

Pep Gaurdiola for his pursuit of perfection on the pitch while not sacrificing on beauty.

My focus/interest

Early to mid stage Consumer, Tech and logistics companies.

What excites me?

Can the business conceivably generate cash or will it perpetually require capital. Entrepreneurs who have a 360 degree view of their business and understand and own their numbers is an absolute must.

Best piece of advice given to me

The only way to make a person trustworthy is to trust them. Better to trust and be let down than to not trust at all. You’ll see that 80-90% people are worthy of your trust.

My advice to entrepreneurs – Don’t mould your business to make it more amenable for investment (chasing growth at the wrong time, poor strategic moves, wrong hires, etc)

What IndigoEdge is to me

Cliched as it may seem, IndigoEdge is a family. We give more of ourselves to each other here than we ever have anywhere else. You literally will never walk alone (as the famous Liverpool slogan goes). The individual dynamic between each team member works in its own unique way. We are a reasonably flat organization but work in an extremely structured manner.

Cooling off

reading science, politics, philosophy / Casual gaming (Fifa, shooters, action games,) / Listening to music (Modern Rock, EDM) / Playing the drums /