Gagan Jeevagan

About me

Born and bred in Bangalore I come from “a family of only Engineers and Doctors”. I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering from MSRIT, Bangalore and an MBA from BIM, Trichy

How I got into Investment Banking?

I am a career Investment Banker. Started with SBI Caps running the technology practice out of Bangalore, moved to Masterkey Holdings and subsequently joined IndigoEdge. Before my MBA, I had short stints in Consulting and Tech marketing

What keeps me up at night?

Mostly the belief that sleep is a waste of time!

My focus and interest

Early and growth stage companies in Enterprise Tech/SaaS, Ed-Tech, Health-Tech, Consumer-Tech. I also enjoy learning about new technologies and keep a keen eye out to see how attractive business models can emerge in the new paradigm

What excites me?

Dynamic entrepreneurs who don’t take no for an answer and with a never say die attitude. Together with the right proportion of pragmatism, the combination can be deadly.

Best piece of advice given to me

“There are only 2 things in life- Ownership and not”

My advice to entrepreneurs

The fundamental India story is strong and being a nation of entrepreneurs, opportunities are abound. Have a razor sharp focus on the problem, make unit economics work and time it right!

What IndigoEdge is to me

Right off the bat the camaraderie at IndigoEdge is evident. The fellows are aligned to bring out the best in each other while ensuring the organization as a whole continues to win. As an investment bank, IndigoEdge is unlike any other and this is clearly visible in our engagements with entrepreneurs, investors and deal partners. IndigoEdge is One for All and All for One!

Cooling off

Travelling – I have insatiable wanderlust

I enjoy spending time with close friends and family

I also consume a lot of content be it through books, movies, Netflix etc-anything that appeals to the theatre artist in me