Namrata Mishra

My Story

As a student I was equally excited about English and Math and topped my class in both. So, while I followed the conventional route of engineering, MBA (BITS Pilani, ISB) and a career in Finance, I would also love to moonlight as a writer !

How I got into investment banking?-

I got into a Corporate Strategy role post MBA, as I didn’t know much about banking back then. Two years into that role and not excited, I got a lucky break when I was hired by Avendus Capital. 8+ years in investment banking, and I am still as excited as I was day 1.

I joined Indigoedge to get a first-hand feel of the start-up ecosystem after having worked in growth stage fund raise and M&A- closed deals across consumer and enterprise tech with an aggregate value of ~$500 Mn.

What keeps me up at night?

As a society we are highly unequal and as a country highly inefficient. Education, infrastructure and credit could have done more to alleviate this but didn’t. Technology can be a great leveller and enable us to catch up faster with the developed world.

More recently my 8 month old daughter.

My inspirations

Anyone who gives in their best to the task at hand.

My focus/interest

Growth and early stage technology enabled companies across Consumer, Logistics and Financial Services.

What excites me?

Working and ideating with founders. I worked with first generation entrepreneurs (before start-ups became fashionable 😉) and each time it was a privilege to build a connect with these visionary, driven and smart individuals. The fact that investment banking gives me the ability to add some value to their business plan is what keeps me excited.

Best piece of advice given to me

“Show, don’t tell.”

My advice to entrepreneurs

“Think Big. Think about the biggest and the best version of the business that can be. And then some.”

What IndigoEdge is to me

A very positive and empowering work environment. The founders are genuinely empathetic, which is a rare quality in this industry.

Cooling off

Reading +writing whimsy stories+ dreaming about restarting my blog+ planning my next gym visit+ downloading power yoga apps