Nidhi Jain

My Story

I was born and raised in Bombay – admittedly had a pretty indulgent and entitled upbringing. Being the second born, got ample freedom to make choices throughout school and college which contributed to me having a well-rounded personality; I’d like to think! For instance, my first job (an internship in my first year of undergrad) with Standard Chartered Bank – was a stint I found just by powering through every company on my list of 60-odd until this one hired me!

Lesson 1: Be dogged and all it takes is one “yes”.

Facts: Bachelor of Commerce, Mumbai University and MBA Finance from NMIMS, Mumbai

How I got into investment banking

My academic and extra-curricular stud of an elder brother was this model of perfection I idolized throughout my growing-up years.  Saw no further beyond I-Banking and followed in his footsteps. Was a pre-MBA analyst at Citigroup IB and succeeded that by ascending roles (although reverse order of large organizations) at SBI Caps, Kotak Investment Banking, Elara Capital, Khetal Advisors and now IndigoEdge.

At  11+ years in IB, I have worked across Sectors (infrastructure, real estate, logistics, energy, banks, consumer brands, tech); Products (equity both private and public, restructuring, M&A, debt) and Stages (early, growth and late stage). Find start-ups most exhilarating as they’re re-inventing ways of doing things and their inventiveness is intoxicating.

Lesson 2: Develop a “growth” mindset, keep learning.

What keeps me up at night?

Wealth and Social inequality creating a structural imbalance in society leading to potential anarchy. I want to do “more” to share the fruits of the natural (and totally random) head start I got in life. Think about affordable, daily-use products; healthcare and education as agents of change and potential opportunities for impact at scale.

Lesson 3: It’s not our job to appeal to the lowest common denominator. It’s our job to raise it.

My inspirations

My dance teacher Ms.Nandini Mehta. She’s the doyen of Indian Classical Dancers in Bangalore and inspires with her performance, practise, persistence, patience & unyielding pursuit of perfection!

Lesson 4: Genius also works hard. 10,000 hours of practise and counting.

My focus/interest

Consumer Brands, Healthcare, Education, Micro-savings / micro-benefit products in Fintech, Entertainment/ Leisure media; Across stages but like to catch them early.

What excites me?

Entrepreneur’s conviction in what they are building and persistence in executing. A clear focus on P&L and 6-month plan (at any point in time) on nuts and bolts of where to be and how to get there.

Best piece of advice given to me

“Deal with it”

My advice to entrepreneurs

“Remember Cash Flow and Unit Economics. Profit is not a state of mind!”

 What IndigoEdge is to me

I’ve simply ever known investment banking as an individual-contributor led model ergo highly competitive and elbows-out. It’s only now at Indigo Edge I’ve experienced the “tech ethos of open-source”. A system that promotes individual growth through collective ideas guided by genuine camaraderie led team-work. Overall our “chase for the long term” principle motivates without pressure bringing each fellow’s best to the fore.

Cooling off

Dance (Kathak, Belly, Ballet, Tango) + Running + Board-games + Books + Movies + Playing the Keyboard + Bakar