Nikhil Chandna

My Story

Born and raised in Delhi, I always dreamt of becoming a cricketer but landed into an equally challenging and exciting game – Investment Banking.

How I got into investment banking?

I started my career as a financial consultant and moved to investment banking after joining Moody’s Analytics as an M&A consultant.

What keeps me up at night?

Access to quality education as well as healthcare to the masses and ensuring safety of women in the country through technology i.e. GPS Tracking, highlighting unsafe areas on maps (during unusual hours) and so on.

My inspirations

Steve Jobs, because of his vision and resilience to change the world.

My focus/interest

Interested in the potential of technology in sectors including AI / ML and Blockchain, which will have a profound and hopefully positive impact on society.

What excites me?

Big problem, simple idea and a great founder.

Best piece of advice given to me

Always be honest & ethical towards your work and the people around you.

My advice to entrepreneurs

Challenge yourself and don’tfearcompetition. If you have an excellent product and vision, you will thrive.

What IndigoEdge is to me

I.E fellows valueethics and relationships over and above any monetary / non-monetary benefit. The team comprises of mission-driven individuals who performtheir work with passion, integrity and commitment.

Cooling off

Outside of work, I enjoy watching action and thriller movies / TV series, playing video games, watching sports, mostly cricket matches.