Prithvi Ramadhyani

My Story

Engineer turned investment banker. Grew up in Bangalore and graduated as a mechanical engineer before realising I dint want to be an engineer. This also lead me to major in finance and get my CFA Charter.

How I got into investment banking?

Post engineering, I spent close to 4 years in public market asset management. The tech wave was picking in late 2012 and I wanted to be a part of it. But, given that I was clueless about tech but knew basics in finance and business, investment banking was the obvious choice.

What keeps me up at night?

Over 20% of Indians have an income of under 400 INR a month. We have the worlds second largest unbanked adult population. I believe Financial Inclusion – Access to credit and insurance and education is the only way to bring about change and alleviate poverty.

My inspirations

Sir Alex Ferguson- His ability to successfully lead and manage big personalities and ego for decades.

My focus/interest

Enterprise Tech is something I get easily. Consumer companies that are using tech to improve customer experience since I want great customer experiences for myself

What excites me?

Two things I think about are Founder, Business fundamentals

Founders- Specifically I look for: Clarity of thought, grit, empathy and Humility

Business Fundamentals- Strong & differentiated value prop, solving real world problems

Best piece of advice given to me

Patience and hard work with above average intelligence will get you anything you desire

My advice to entrepreneurs

You got to be all in or nothing, it’s a really long journey, it’s like having a new born baby for 6-8 years, that’s the kind of time and attention it needs.

What IndigoEdge is to me

IndigoEdge is unlike any other firm I have been at. The founders always have your best interests at heart and that permeates to the team and how we deal with our clients.

Cooling off

Exploring new places for their food, nature and the wildlife is what makes me the happiest. Catching up with friends at the end of a long week helps me reset and be on top of things.