Rakesh Pai

About me

I started my career as a programmer after completing my  B.Tech in Computer Science from REC Calicut and spent 4 years mostly in mobile development. I have always been passionate about finance and public market investments, which drove me to do my MBA from IIM Calcutta.

How I got into Investment Banking?

I got placed in a standard well paying job at IIM Calcutta but was disillusioned at the lack of challenging work within months.

I knew Zerin from my days at REC Calicut and during one of our conversations in 2009 he offered me a chance to be part of the team which I readily grabbed given the nature of work and excitement at IndigoEdge. Close to a decade as an Investment Banker now, I have had the chance to work with a variety of companies and create lasting impact when it truly matters in an organization’s life cycle

What keeps me up at night?

I sleep quite well actually.

My inspirations

Given the amount of time I spend playing and following sports, I respect and have been inspired by multiple sportspeople including Dravid, Nadal and Agassi. But if I had to pick one, it would be Tim Duncan because how in spite of being one of the best power forwards ever to play Basketball, during an age of alpha male superstars, he stayed humble, made it all about the team, and continued to learn and adapt even late into his career.

My focus and interest

Early stage companies with a technology backbone which are changing the way the world works.

What excites me?

The relationship one gets to build with the founding team/early employees of our clients is something I treasure and the possibility of some of these companies going places and becoming large successful businesses is extremely exciting.

What IndigoEdge is to me

IndigoEdge brings out the best in each of its fellows. I can’t think of any other organization where I could have grown and contributed as much as I have here. Once you work here, it’s pretty hard to be excited about working someplace else, unless you are starting on your own!

Cooling off

I enjoy spending time with my kid whenever I can. I love football and follow the sport religiously making time to play every now and then. I have also been travelling across the world to catch the last few Football World Cups.