Sandeep Ramesh

About me

I have an Engineering degree, but I am not an engineer. I majored in Marketing in my MBA but I am not a marketer. My biggest takeaway from 2 years at IIML was meeting my co-founders in 2006!

How I got into Investment Banking?

IndigoEdge and I have grown together and what IndigoEdge does, Sandeep does and vice versa! From disguised unemployment to consulting to deal making it’s been a great ride!!

What keeps me up at night?

Mostly my 4 year-old daughter!

The problem that excites me most is in helping the eco-system deliver great exits to investors and entrepreneurs. That is what will sustain entrepreneurial spirit and drive our country forward, despite all the challenges of an emerging economy.

My inspirations

Harsha Bhogle for clarity of thought, Roger Federer for pure genius & PG Wodehouse for not taking life too seriously.

My focus and interest

Analytics, Fintech and SaaS are my focus sectors. I love working with entrepreneurs of all types and stages since there is so much to learn from each company.

What excites me?

Profitable growth! (wait…is that a bad word in our industry??)

Best piece of advice given to me

“Don’t buy an I-pad” (back in 2009 by a client. There is a nice message to that advice which you can ask me in person!)

My advice to entrepreneurs

Build what you will be proud of, not what an investor will fund.

What IndigoEdge is to me

IndigoEdge is family. Period.

Cooling off

Cooking – recently discovered salads and I love making my lunch!

Reading – strictly fiction.

Nature – I need my regular dose of forests!