Zerin Rahiman

My Story

Restless as a kid, I put all that energy into the football field and still do. Grabbed a BTech in Computer Science (Wanted to make world class Computer Games) and then majored in  Finance and Strategy at IIM L (wanted to manage a large mutual fund). Felt a sense of disillusionment with a lot of institutions along the way from Colleges to Corporates and decided to build an institution that is different.

How I got into investment banking?

The right question would be how Investment Banking got into me. I loved entrepreneurs and investment banking helped me catalyse the life journeys of several of them.  That feeling of having played a small part in several beautiful journeys has been the driving force behind investment banking.

What keeps me up at night?

Football matches on TV and the neighbour moving his furniture in the middle of the night. Jokes apart I keep thinking how can one change the life’s of less privileged 

My inspirations

My father has been the greatest inspiration. He questioned my thought process as a child and helped me always think differently. Jurgen Klopp (Manager @ Mainz , BVB , Liverpool FC) has been a good role model with his bubbling charisma coupled with German efficiency.

My focus/interest

In the movie Jerry Maguire she says ‘ You had me at Hello’.  A passionate entrepreneur usually excites me and then I am sector agnostic. However companies leveraging technology to change consumer lives definitely have me interested.

What excites me?

A team of people selflessly working in tandem and building something beautiful. This team may be footballers, musicians , entrepreneurs , NGOs etc

Best piece of advice given to me

Do not worry about things you cannot control and do not waste time worrying about things you can control

My advice to entrepreneurs –  To be at the right place at the right time you have to be at the wrong place at the wrong time for a long time.

What IndigoEdge is to me

It is that beautiful institution which is trying to rewrite the usual norms of a work place. It is symbolic of a spirit of adventure and camaraderie which started off after business school and is burning with greater intensity

Cooling off

Spending time with 2 to 4 year old. Watching/ playing football .Cycling and Occasional poker.